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Family Outing season1

hai korang,aq nk kongsi satu variety show korea nie kt korang...variety show nie best gler,mngkin adew antre korang yg da tau sal variety show nie kan....hehehe,nie la 'family outing' slh satu variety show favret aq...klu korang tgok show nie msti korang jd happy sbb show nie klakar gler kot...oklah,aq nk crite sket sinopsis sal variety show nieh...jazz~~

The following is a list of episodes of Family Outing (패밀리가 떴다). Family Outing was a South Korean variety show that is currently a part of SBS's Good Sunday lineup, along with Gold Miss is Coming (골드미스가 간다). It first aired on June 15, 2008 and the first season ended on February 14, 2010. The second season began on February 21, 2010 and ended on July 11, 2010. The show is a two day one night show split into two episodes.
The first "Family" is composed of Yu Jae-suk, Yoon Jong-shin, Kang Dae-sungLee Hyo-riKim Soo-roKim Jong-kookPark Hae-jinPark Si-yeonPark Ye-jin and Lee Chun-hee.[1] The "Family," along with a special guest/s, travels to different parts of South Korea and takes care of the house of an elderly family while that family goes on a vacation. The "Family" then accomplishes the tasks left for them by the house's owners. Along with the tasks, they play games and make dinner and breakfast for themselves.[2] The second "Family" is composed of Yoon Sang-hyun, Kim Won-hee, Ji Sang-ryul, Shin Bong-sun, YoonaTaecyeonJo KwonKim Hee-chul, and Jang Dong-min.
A total of 102 episodes have aired.


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