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f(x) will hit the runway

f(x) will be transforming into models to work the runway!

Members, Amber, Krystal, and Sulli will walk the runway at the '2010 S/S SEOUL COLLECTION' fashion show this October 18th at SETEC. They will be rocking designer Ha Sang Baek's pieces.

The famous designer himself said, "When I saw f(x)'s showcase, I got a powerful impression from the members. Amber seems like she could pull off contemporary clothes. Sulli and Krystal seem like models and have lovely faces. They go perfectly with the clothes I have for this fashion show."

Krystal is even luckier than her model members because she's modeling for designer Lee Sang Bong, whose opening MBC's Special Concert. Seems like her long legs and pretty face is getting her further than she expected.

f(x) shared their humble emotions, "Fashion shows are a first for us so we are super nervous. We'll try hard to complete our task with no mistakes. Expect a lot from us and cheer us on as well!"

The ladies have been lucky in the CF world as well, getting a deal with LG to promote a special phone.


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